You Are My Sunshine: Your Guide to Interior Yellow Paint

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Winter is here, and for many, that means 50 shades of gray, with the sun hiding away. The winter months can feel never ending, and we can begin to wonder if we’ll ever feel the sunshine again. Who says we must wait until the end of winter for that feeling of warmth, brightness, and happiness of summer?

Yellow paint is the ultimate mood booster and can make us feel the happiest. You may be hesitant to consider yellow paint for the interior of the home, and it can seem like a bold choice.  But there are endless shades of yellow, and there will certainly be a shade that fits your personal style.

Every hue of yellow that you can imagine; daffodil, lemon, butter, golden yellow, canary, and so many more, will brighten up a space, even on the grayest of days.

Follow this simple guide of how to use yellow paint in your home, and you will surely be singing, “You make me happy when skies are gray,” all year round.

Consider the Lighting and Window Views

Yellow is a chameleon color. The natural lighting, or lack of, in a space affects the way the shade of yellow you choose appears in your home. For spaces with many windows, brighter shades will do well with the abundance of natural light. Brighter yellows will also look stunning against the landscape outside the window.

For spaces that have few windows, using buttery yellow shades will help illuminate the dim and darker rooms in a house.

Consider the Existing Finishes in the Room

When exploring yellow paint colors, you will find warm or cool shades. Warm shades of yellow have orange undertones, while cool shades of yellow have green undertones.  These undertones will affect the finish that may already be present in the room, like woods or metals.

For example, silver finishes will work better with a cool yellow shade with green undertones, and darker wood finishes will pair best with warm yellows with orange undertones.

Use accent Wall and Wall Decor to Tone it Down

Yellow is a powerful color, and it can feel daunting and overwhelming. If you aren’t fully committed to painting an entire room yellow, opt for an accent wall instead, and layer it with artwork. A yellow accent wall as the backdrop to a picture gallery will make the pictures pop, while at the same time subduing the yellow.

Shades of Yellow to Consider

With so many options to choose from, we have selected 3  of our favorite yellow shades for some inspiration.

Behr-Corn Stalk

Corn Stalk is a part of Behr’s 2022 color trend palette. It’s a buttercream shade that you can almost taste, and it’s both inviting and cheerful. This shade is perfect for those that aren’t looking for an overpowering color and desire a room to elicit a feeling rather than making a bold statement.

Benjamin Moore- Pale Moon

We love everything from the name to the softness of this shade. The moon reflects the sun, and as the moon brings light to a dark night, this shade will do wonders to brighten and warm a room that doesn’t have a lot of natural lighting. While the Pale Moon is a softer yellow shade its effects on a space will be both sunny and illuminating.

Sherwin Williams- Bakelite Gold

Sherwin Williams curated four paint color palettes for 2022, and this 1970s inspired shade has us beaming. While other gold shades can be difficult to incorporate, this shade has strong traces of orange undertones and will go into any space with ease. Use Bakelite Gold in a living room or workspace and it will bring life and boost creativity.

The bottom line is yellow paint is seasonless, and will certainly brighten up the gloomiest of days, while only enhancing the sunnier ones. With endless shades of yellows, it will be impossible not to find one that fits your personality and individuality. And also, not jeopardize what already exists in the space.

Flowers Painting is a full service interior painting company that provides color consulting. Our professionals would love to work with you to find your perfect shade of yellow. Contact us today to begin your journey towards brighter and more cheerful days ahead.

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