Why Realtors Suggest Painting to Sell Your Home

Why do realtors suggest you paint your home to sell it quickly and get the best price? A freshly painted home shows better. If your house shows better, it will look better in the online pictures. If the online pictures are better, you’ll get more potential buyer traffic. With more buyers, you get more offers. With more offers, you get MORE MONEY.

That’s the biggest and best reason, but there are a few more reasons why realtors –and professional painters like us– suggest you slap a fresh coat of paint on the interior of your home when you’re getting ready to put it on the market.

Cleaner Feel

Think about how you feel when you walk into a room that has been recently painted. Doesn’t it feel absolutely lovely and clean? There is no amount of bleach and scrubbing that can give the crisp, fresh feel of new paint. A coat of paint hides blemishes, scuffs, and general grime.

Get Rid of Smells

You may not notice them after years of living in your home, but smells get trapped in your walls. Years of cooking bacon, deep frying fish, or sauteeing onions all leave their mark eventually. If anyone has or currently smoked in your home, then it is a must-do. There are paints specifically made to cover up odors.

It’s Relatively Inexpensive

On the home improvement scale, paint is one of the least expensive projects you can do and gives you a great return on your investment. When you weigh the cost-benefit analysis, you’ll quickly see that painting is the way to go when it’s time to sell your home.

Neutralizes the Color Palette

Choose neutral colors with a wide appeal, like greiges, light grays, whites, and creams. The idea is to minimize the number of objectionable colors and to present potential buyers with a blank canvas on which they can project their preferences and picture their furnishings in the space. Two popular colors for painting your home to sell are Agreeable Gray and Revere Pewter.

Rooms Feel Bigger and Brighter

Once you choose a nice, neutral, lighter paint color, the rooms in your home will appear bigger and brighter. Dark colors are dramatic and fun but make a space feel closed and smaller. This is not what you want your future homeowner to feel when they are touring your home.

Hire a Professional to Get it Done Quickly

If you invest the money to repaint some of the rooms in your home to get it to sell, you will get your money back. Hiring a professional painter to do the job will ensure you get quality results quickly, which will get your house photographed and on the market faster. Win, win!

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