4 Ways to Prioritize Rooms for Painting – Which Rooms to Paint First

prioritize rooms for painting | Flowers Painting

While painting more than one room in your home can be fun and exciting, it can certainly cause some headaches trying to prioritize rooms for painting. In the end, it will make your living space feel more like home and help reflect your personal style, but during the process it can be frustrating to have a messy home. If you are about to endure a painting project, don’t panic! Flower Painting is here to help make the process a little easier by helping you prioritize which rooms in your home should be painted first.

Flowers Painting has curated a list so you can prioritize rooms for painting, so you can paint your home in the most effective order:

  1. Bedroom and Bathroom – Painting the bedroom and bathroom first will get them done and out of the way, which will allow you to feel at home even if the rest of the house is a bit messy. You will also be able to close your door and shut off your room from the paint smells.
  2. Kitchen – It’s best to paint the kitchen early on, as one of the first few rooms. This will prevent your food from going bad and save you from having to eat our every meal if you don’t have access to your kitchen for a few days.
  3. Living Room/Game Room – This tends to be one of the largest rooms in the home and will likely take the longest. However; once completed, you can move your furniture back and start gaming right away!
  4. Laundry Room/Mud Room – Flowers Painting recommends painting the laundry and mud rooms last so that your clothes don’t smell like paint. We recommend washing your clothes before the start of the painting project and not doing a load of laundry until after the project is complete.

These simple tips can help you prioritize rooms for painting so that your interior painting project goes more smoothly.  If you decide to call in the professionals Flowers Painting hopes to hear from you. We provide free estimates and color consultations. Call (704) 727-2161 or view our residential or commercial painting services. At Flowers Painting, customer service is our number one priority. Call to schedule your FREE estimate today!