When to Hire a Professional Painter

There are some painting projects where hiring a professional painter to get the job done is a good idea. In some cases, painting is an easy task, and you can complete the project in a day with a little effort. Often though, that is not the case. You will save a lot of time, money and stress by hiring a company or contractor specializing in interior painting.

In what scenario do we recommend hiring a professional? There are few instances, like when you need to paint multiple rooms, when there is a lot of trim work, or if there are ceilings involved.

Painting the Whole House

If you have a small office or laundry room that needs a quick coat of paint, you should go for it, and paint it yourself. If you need to paint multiple rooms or an entire house, it’s time to consider hiring a crew of professional painters. The adage “time is money” applies here. The time it would take to do it yourself far exceeds the time an entire painting crew could knock out a large-scale painting project.

Prepping for a paint project can be a big undertaking especially with rooms that contain a lot of furniture. Plus, there are a ton of supplies you need to purchase. Moving furniture in out of rooms and purchasing expensive supplies like drop cloths, paint brushes and ladders are usually included in the cost of hiring a painter.

Damaged Walls

Another situation where it is recommend to hire a professional painter is if you have damaged walls or new walls from renovations. Getting walls perfectly smooth and ready for painting is a bit of an artform that is best handled by someone who does it for a living. Most painters are well versed in this skill and can knock out it out quickly before painting.

A Lot of Trim

If you have a room with a lot of doorways or windows, there is going to be a lot of trim work to do. Cutting in and painting around moulding is tedious and time consuming. Plus, there is a multiplied chance for mistakes to happen. And who wants to do all that annoying taping with painters tape? Just let your painter handle rooms with a lot of trim to save yourself some unpleasant painting situations.


Painting ceilings is a whole thing in itself. Particularly if you still have popcorn or textured ceilings in your home. Think paint splatter on the floor, a stiff neck, and scaffolding if you have extra high ceilings, just to name a few of the inconveniences of painting the ceiling. For sure, if your ceilings need to be painted, consider hiring a painting company to do the work for you.

Painting Furniture or Cabinets

There are plenty of DIY shows and YouTube how-to videos about painting furniture and cabinets. What they don’t show is how hard it is to get a nice smooth and durable finish. Regrettably, within a short period of time, these items start chipping and look unsightly. Professionals have the neccessary tools and access to the best products to give your painted furniture or cabinets a perfect finish that will last much longer. That said, we highly encourage you to painting your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, built in book shelves, and other pieces of wood furniture if you need a budget friendly way to update your home.

Professional Painting Services

When considering hiring a professional, the best plan of action is to start with a free painting estimate to understand how much you will have to pay to have your home, trim, ceilings or wood pieces painted.

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