When and When Not to Use High Gloss Paint

Dining room with high gloss red paint | Flowers Painting

Understanding the various paint sheens available will help you make an informed choice when buying paint.  High gloss paint is the most reflective paint sheen. It has a super smooth finish that looks almost like lacquer and is the polar opposite of a flat paint that delivers a matte, muted finish.

At one time, high gloss paint was simply a practical paint finish choice, but some homeowners are expanding their paint horizons and using it to make dramatic design statements. Some people are nervous about the boldness of high gloss paint. To ease your apprehensions, we’ve compiled a list of Dos and Don’ts when it comes to high gloss paint.

Do Use It in Kitchens and Baths

The most traditional use of high gloss paint is in bathrooms and kitchens. These high moisture, high traffic areas of the home are perfect candidates to realize the benefits of high gloss paint. The gloss in the paint protects woodwork from moisture, has a surface that is easy to wipe clean, and can withstand chemical cleaning agents better than a flat or eggshell finish. If you are painting cabinets in your kitchen or bath, high gloss paint is a wise choice.

Don’t Shy Away from Untraditional Uses

Pairing bold, bright colors with a high gloss paint finish can yield beautiful results in rooms outside of your kitchen and bathrooms. You can transform your playroom, mudroom, children’s room, master suite, dining room, interior doors, even ceilings with high gloss paint.

Do Use It on Trim and Molding

Trim around doorways, windows and baseboards take on a lot of wear and tear. Plus, it has a knack for picking up dirt and grime. High gloss paint is the standard choice for trim pieces that need an extra thick layer of paint to withstand the additional abuse delivered to these areas.

Don’t Use on Highly Irregular Walls

High gloss paint accentuates imperfections and draws your eye to them. The gloss creates a mirror-like surface that reflects light.  If you have uneven, textured walls that you don’t plan on fixing before painting, it’s best to skip the gloss and go with more of a flat finish.

Do Use a Professional

High gloss paint is unforgiving. It highlights every brushstroke and every flaw on your wall or trim. Wall prep, high-quality tools, and proper painting technique become very important for achieving a beautiful high gloss finish. Hire a professional painting company for great results.

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