Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint at Home and at Work

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Chalkboard paint gives a creative license to transform and personalize your home in an inexpensive way. The possibilities are endless for using chalkboard paint, not to be confused with chalky finish paint, a color coat paint with a soft, matte-like finish often used to repurpose furniture for a modern antiqued look. Chalkboard paint on the other hand turns any surface into a writing slate for a unique and modern decor idea.

Shopping for Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint is available in a dry powder or premixed form. Premixed chalkboard paint is relatively inexpensive and easy to use. It will not leave as smooth a surface as actual slate or slate-substitute chalkboards, so make sure you check the texture of the wall or surface you plan to paint first to avoid a bumpy chalkboard. Be prepared that chalkboard paint will not be as deep black as an actual chalkboard, so plan to buy enough paint for at least two coats and know that over time, you’ll occasionally need to revive with a fresh coat of paint.

Does it have to be black? No way! Benjamin Moore has chalkboard paint in thousands of colors and Rust-Oleum offers a clear chalkboard finish topcoat that can be applied over top of any paint to give it a chalkboard finish! Or if you prefer to make your own, you can choose from any of your favorite paint brands and colors using a few household ingredients, acrylic paint, and grout.

Chalkboard finish paint is available at most retailers where paint is sold and is very affordable at around $10 for a 30oz. can.

Using Chalkboard Paint for Adult Spaces

Usually, when you think of anything to do with a chalkboard, the feeling is very reminiscent of a child’s classroom, and kids’ spaces and furniture immediately come to mind. While we love the idea of a chalkboard finish for a child’s dresser drawers, or desktop there are plenty of creative and sophisticated ways to use chalkboard paint for adult spaces.

Create a Gallery Wall in a Home Office

Chalkboard paint makes small spaces look bigger. Using chalkboard paint to transform a small nook in a home office space into a unique workspace.

Create a Custom Kitchen Backsplash or Menu Wall

What’s for dinner? Choose an accent wall in the kitchen to display tonight’s feature. Adorn with colored drawings of the main dish, or simply let the family know what’s cooking. Get creative with a chic cooking space with a modern, customizable backsplash using chalkboard paint. This convenient writing slate offers a great place to leave fun notes, or jot down your grocery list.

Create Freestanding or Hanging Chalkboards-

There is no rule saying you have to paint an entire wall. Chalkboard paint is a great way to repurpose an old ornate mirror or picture frame into a unique and fun piece of decor for any room.

 Create an Inviting, Custom Entryway-

Wow your guests as they enter your home with changeable artwork that goes with the seasons. Or use chalkboard paint in the mudroom to label where everyone’s belongings should be put away. Leave notes for the kids as they head off to school every day, or keep a list of the day’s activities.

Create Creative Cabinet Doors-

From pantry doors, to kitchen cabinets, under the bathroom sink transform any cabinet door into a space to create art, or label the contents. For pantry doors use the chalkboard as a running grocery store list, or an itemized menu of the contents behind the doors. Conceal the refrigerator with modern, chic cabinets ordained with chalkboard paint.

Create a Modern Wet Bar Chalkboard Wall-

Display the house cocktail or the drink of the day with a chalkboard accent complete with shelves to display your libations and drinkware. Create a coffee bar using the same idea.

The possibilities are truly endless with a little creativity and inspiration.

Painting with Chalkboard Paint: The Do’s and Don’ts

Chalkboard paint can be used on a variety of surfaces from walls, doors, and cabinets, to flower pots, mirrors, picture frames, furniture, wine bottles and glassware, plates, and more. All materials from drywall to wood, glass, metal, and ceramic can be painted with a chalkboard finish. To effectively create a chalkboard piece or wall, first thoroughly clean the surface. Remove any existing paint, smooth the surface by sanding, and rinse with water allowing the surface to fully dry before painting.

For best results, do not apply chalkboard paint to any surface that has cracks or imperfections. Chalkboard paint is not as thick as latex interior paint, therefore, will not fill in any surface flaws. To avoid an uneven finish, repair with wood filler, or putty and then sand with fine-grit sandpaper to smooth the surface. For particularly rough or porous surfaces, prime first before applying the chalkboard paint.

Now to paint.

  1. Bring the chalkboard paint to room temperature
  2. Shake or stir the paint until well mixed
  3. Pour a small amount of paint into a paint tray and let any air bubbles settle
  4. Use a roller to apply the paint in an even layer to your wall or on the surface you’re working with
  5. Repeat for at least two coats
  6. Allow each layer to dry for no less than 24 hours

Lastly, condition the chalkboard. After the chalkboard paint dries completely, use the edge of a piece of chalk and rub lightly, then rub the chalk into the surface with a clean cloth. This creates an off-black, gray look.

Wipe clean and you’re ready to write, draw, and get creative! So go ahead, write on the walls–we won’t stop you.

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