Wallpaper vs Paint for Your Walls

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When deciding whether to wallpaper or paint your walls, there are some pros and cons to both types of interior wall coverings. While you can’t go wrong with either, it mostly comes down to your personal preference and what kind of interior design you wish to achieve. Read on for some insight into the differences between wallpaper and paint.
Wallpaper Pros and Cons

Wallpaper has made a historic comeback after a brief hiatus since the 90s, although some may argue that wallpaper never really went out of style. It’s probably more appropriate to say that the wallpaper patterns and designs went out of style, not the medium itself. With modern patterns and new temporary peel and stick alternatives, wallpaper has become popular once again.

Wallpaper can be costly. There are brands that can cost upwards of $500 per roll for a luxury wallpaper but don’t immediately dismiss it because of cost. You can also get a budget-friendly and completely functional wallpaper for $50 a roll at stores like Target or Wayfair. Usually, the price is somewhere in between. Installation is another added cost of wallpaper. You’ll most likely have to pay to have it installed by a professional. If you are an ambitious and talented home DIYer you can certainly handle the install yourself.

The biggest pro to wallpaper and the reason most people opt for it in their home is the design aesthetic. The wide array of textures and patterns is a decorator’s dream. While not as durable as paint, most wallpapers can be at least wiped cleaned with a dry or barely damp microfiber cloth. Wallpaper is also a great option for covering up uneven wall surfaces.
Paint Pros and Cons
By far, paint is a less expensive option than wallpaper for your walls and honestly, you can’t get away from paint one hundred percent. Even if you wallpaper, you’ll have to prepare your walls with a primer. As far as colors go, your imagination is the only limit. There are thousands of colors from hundreds of paint brands, like Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore and PPG, just to name a few. Not to mention, for the more creative, you can create custom colors or tint a color you like darker or lighter. So as compared to wallpaper, paint wins the award for most options.

When it comes to cleaning, painted walls are more durable. You can scrub them and in case of damage, repair them more easily than papered walls.

Wallpaper and Paint Together
A great option is to do both wallpaper and paint together in a room. A wallpaper accent wall with coordinated painted walls is a popular design trend right now. Choose a contrasting or complimentary color and use the wallpapered wall to draw the eye to the focus wall. Another great use of the two together is to wallpaper either the upper half or lower half of the wall and split the transition with a chair rail in between.

The part wallpaper, part paint strategy saves you money on the amount wallpaper you have to purchase along with looking uber stylish. As always, Flowers Painting is available to handle the painting portion of your project. Schedule a free estimate today.

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