Tips on Selecting a Paint Color for Dark Rooms in Your Home

paint chips -paint color for dark room | Flowers Painting

If there are rooms in your home that don’t get enough natural light which causes them to feel dark and gloomy, consider repainting the area to lighten it up and turn that cave-like feeling into a warm, inviting room that you want to spend time in. Here are some simple tips from Flowers Painting on paint color choices for dark rooms.

5 Tips for Choosing a Paint Color for Dark Rooms

  1. Avoid White – I know, you would think that white paint would work to brighten an area, but it’s actually not the right color choice for a dark space. White paint reflects natural light, so if there is no natural light in your space, white paint isn’t going to have anything to reflect and it can make the room feel even darker.
  2. Embrace Warm Tones – Painting a dark room with warm-toned neutral paint will certainly brighten the area. Stick to colors that are saturated and do not have much black in their base. Avoid choosing dark tones and stick to light or medium tones.
  3. Lavender – Lavender paint is a great choice for a dark room and can suit a variety of tastes – both male and female. Its warm tones add brightness to a dark room. Keep in mind that accent pieces and accessories can dramatically change lavender’s impact. If you’re going for a sophisticated look stick with gray and white furniture and accents. If you want a more playful feel perhaps in a child’s nursery, stick with pastel accents.
  4. Yellow – Yellow paint can completely transform a dark room into a sunny one that feels bright and happy. Pair yellow paint with white accents to really make it pop.
  5. Blue – The color blue is a versatile color and brings the feeling of peace and calmness to any room. Powder blue paint works to brighten a dark space, while bringing a soothing, peaceful feel to it.
  6. Gray – While you want to steer clear of dark grays, light grays or grays with a bit of color in the base can brighten up a dark room.

At Flowers Painting located in Cornelius, NC, we know the transformative power of paint and we know how to help you pick the perfect paint color for dark rooms. Our estimators are also color consultants who can help guide you in transforming your dark room into a bright room that you enjoy spending time in. Call today to learn more about Flowers Painting or to schedule your FREE in home painting estimate (704) 727-2161.