Tips on Choosing a Unified Color Palette for Your Home

Home with a beautiful blue unified color palette | Flowers Painting

Nothing makes a home look new again like a fresh coat of paint and a unified color palette. Many homeowners dream about repainting their entire home’s interior, to see their house take on a new life with a fresh new look and feel. However, repainting can be a very intimidating task if you don’t know a few general guidelines for home painting and choosing colors. This blog will help educate you on selecting the right color palette for your home.

Begin with the Open Spaces

In order to have the colors in your home blend well, it’s best to select a color that you will use in all the open or connecting spaces in your home. Flowers Painting recommends places like the foyer, hallways and open living spaces such as the kitchen and living room. Because this color will be visible from many places in the home, you should match all your other colors to this main color.

This will provide a feeling of unity throughout the entire home. The color you select for all the open and connecting spaces in your home will set the tone for your home and cover a lot of wall space.

For this reason, Flowers Painting suggests using a light or neutral color so that your home does not feel dark or overbearing. Suggested colors include white, gray or tan. However, there are many other options for unifying colors such as blue-gray or sage green.

Select Individual Colors for Room Paint

Once you have selected a unifying color, the next step in home painting is to select colors for individual rooms that do not share a wall, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, office or a formal dining room. Each room paint color that you select should coordinate with the color you selected in the open areas. This will prevent your home from feeling disjointed as you transition from one living space to another.

Accent Your Walls

A great way to add a pop of color or texture to your house is to choose a few rooms to add an accent wall. An accent wall can work well in either self-contained rooms such as a bedroom, or areas that are open to other rooms. Accent walls are a wonderful place to express your personality and add bold, vibrant colors that you love, but would be overpowering if painted in the entire room.

Home Painting Tips for a Unified Color Palette

When painting the interior of your home there are other considerations as well, such as whether to select traditional white trim paint and whether to add color to your ceilings. While this can all be overwhelming, don’t panic. Flowers Painting is here to help. A professional painter can help you choose unifying paint colors and coordinating options. They will work with you to decide which colors work well together and complement your style of house. If you are considering painting your home interior, Flowers Painting is here to help. Flower Painting is a trusted full-service interior painting company serving the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Our painters have extensive experience and are committed to excellent customer service. Call today to schedule your free in-home color consultation and painting estimate (704) 445-7750.