Tips for Selecting Office Paint

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What Every Business Owner Should Know Before Selecting Office Paint

When customer’s walk into your place of business, your space says a lot about your care and your attention to detail. As a business owner you want to portray a neat, clean and orderly look to your customers; and this includes your interior paint. How do you keep your place of work looking amazing? Flowers Painting provides a few tips on exactly how to do that:

  1. Use the Right Materials for the Job

If your place of business has people coming and going all day and where families bring kids, you’re going to want to consider paint that provides exceptional durability and is made for high traffic areas, such as PPG Diamond Interior Paint. PPG Diamond is washable, scrubbable and is stain resistant, which keeps your business looking fresh.

  1. Keep your Paint Clean

After your paint job is complete, keep it clean. Clean marks on your walls as fast as possible, or as soon as you see them. The longer the mark sits on the wall, the harder it becomes to remove completely. Try to resist scrubbing the walls; simply wash the walls. You want to limit damage to walls, so start cleaning lightly then work your way to a gentle scrub, if you must. Use a soft cloth and water at first. Then, if that does not work add a little cleaning solution but test it in a discrete spot on the paint first, such as behind a piece of furniture to be sure the cleaning solution does not fade or damage the paint.

  1. Touch Up your Paint

This tip can get a bit tricky. The older the paint, the harder it can be to touch up due to wear and tear, but also due to wicking and water loss of paint over time. If you need to touch up a spot within a few years, simply grab a foam brush and lightly punch it. The flatter the sheen of the paint the easier it will touch up. Paint like semi-gloss is almost impossible to touch up over time and will stand out like a sore thumb.

  1. Maintain your Paint

Invest in a professional painting company to complete the job right the first time around, such as Flowers Painting. You want your paint job to last a lot of years, not a couple of years. If you invest in a company that does the job correctly the first time, it will withstand the test of time, saving you money in the long run.

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