Tips for Selecting a Paint Palette for an Open Floor Plan

Painted Open Floor Plan | Flowers Painting

An open floor plan has been popular for quite some time and is becoming even more so as new builds throughout North Carolina continue to implement the spacious feel of connecting the kitchen to living spaces. The open floor plan not only brings people together, but it is also inviting, comforting and cheerful. However, it can present a decorating conundrum. How do you choose a color palette that blends from room to room when the rooms are no longer divided by walls?

Selecting a color scheme for an open floor plan can get a bit tricky. Figuring out where to transition to another color and how many different colors to use can prove difficult. Flowers Painting suggests using these tips to make an open floor plan both beautiful and inviting. To much color in an open floor plan can overwhelm, yet to little color can get boring. You need to find the right balance to create a peaceful, seamless space.

Open Floor Plan Color Scheme Tips

Limit the Colors

One key to choosing a palette in an open floor plan is to select three to five colors that you will use for your entire space. One color should be white or very light, one or two should be neutral, and one or two should be supporting colors. You should stick to one color family or to colors that share the same intensity to keep the look cohesive.

Keep it Neutral

Neutral doesn’t need to be boring. Rather, a neutral color palette gives you room to introduce different textures and patterns to your living space. Selecting a white or other neutral color such as beige for your open floor plan gives you the freedom to add an accent or textured wall. You could even add a ship late wall, stacked stone wall or a textured ceiling to add personality to the space. To schedule a free estimate for a stacked stone, tile wall or backsplash, call Flowers Flooring at (704) 445-7750.

Add a Splash of Color

If you decide to go with a neutral background color, you can always add paint in strategic places, such as interesting angles and corners of the room to paint a bold, bright color. These areas provide a natural stop and start point, so you don’t have to imagine where the lines should be drawn. Bold splashes of paint will also add interest and personality to any room.

Tone on Tone

If you don’t want to utilize to much of one color in your space, tone on tone is another way to go. Simply use different tones of the same color, and gradually transition from tone to tone as you move to the different areas of the open space.

Use Accent Pieces

Accent pieces such as a bookcase can help break up a long wall of the same color. You can also bring color into a neutral space with furniture. Bright colored accent chairs or throw pillows can add a pop of color to any room. An area rug can also do the same.

At Flowers Painting, we enjoy helping people in the Charlotte, NC, area bring beauty to their homes. We provide professional paint services, including interior painting. To schedule a free color consultation or estimate, please call (704) 727-2161. Click here to view various paint colors or to download the color visualizer. This unique tool will help you select the perfect paint palette for your open floor plan.