The Truth About White Walls: White Paint Demystified

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It is no secret that the most efficient way to add appeal and spruce up your home is a fresh coat of paint. Every year paint manufacturers and interior designers produce a list of the best interior paint trends for the year. For 2021, you may be surprised to learn that the tried and true gray wall is out, and white walls are in —especially if you’re looking to increase the resale value of your home. According to this article from Suzanne Powers Realty group, “Buyers’ color preferences are stronger than ever…cleanliness tops the list of must-haves,” which puts white shades back at the top of the list of best interior paint colors.

White paint seems easy enough to work with, how hard can it be, it’s white? In actuality, the color variations in white can make it very challenging to select the right shade of white paint color.  With various factors affecting the hue’s appearance once on the wall, homeowners should follow these tips to debunk and demystify the challenges of the great white wall.

Selecting Your Shade

Whether you’re looking for classic white, bright white, creamy white, a warm tone, or a cool white, understanding the nuances of undertones, and the lighting situation in the space that you’re painting are two important factors when choosing what shade of white paint to use.

Cool whites with undertones of blue and gray have a crisp, clean appearance, while white with undertones of red and yellow are categorized as warm whites and offer a cozy, relaxed ambiance. While personal preference and decor play a role in deciding which end of the spectrum is best, consider the region you live in, and the lighting of the space suggests the Director of Color Marketing and Design Services for Sherwin-Williams. If you live in an area with a lot of bright, natural light filtering through, you may want to opt for a bright, cool white shade whereas in an area that tends to have colder, gray weather, a warmer tone may be the better choice.

Classic White Walls

It’s hard to go wrong with a classic. Classic whites are favored for their clean, seamlessly blendable look. These shades are perfect for white painted walls, cabinets, doors, trim, or anywhere in the home. They complement a wide range of decor, architecture, and style.

Bright White Paint

The bright whites are ideal for a sleek, modern design. Pure, untinted whites that feel like a cool breath of fresh air. Free of any undertone, a bright white paint is a good choice for spaces that see a range of different lighting throughout the day.

Creamy White

Soft, relaxing, and cozy creamy white paint adds warmth to your room with perfectly creamy, off-white shades. Warm creamy whites offset natural blue tones to give a warmer, cozy feeling to the space.

Prepare to Take Walls to the White Side

When deciding on white interior wall paint, the sheen is just as important as the shade. Depending on the lighting, high gloss will help to brighten up a room, while flat paint with as little sheen as possible absorbs the most light and gives the truest color, but it doesn’t camouflage wear and smudges well. Eggshell or a semi-gloss white paint fit a variety of applications and are trusted, popular choices for interior paint.

White walls are unforgiving, they show every smudge, dent, scratch imaginable, so being properly prepped is crucial to the painting process. Patch any holes or imperfections beforehand. If there are significant stains or uneven color, apply a stain-blocking primer prior to applying the topcoat.

Before committing to a white shade, consider the permanent fixtures like flooring, trim, cabinetry, and light fixtures. The wall color should pull all these elements together

Final Thoughts

Working with a color like white can add a level of sophistication, and its crisp, clean look works well with most decor and in a variety of spaces. When working with predominantly one color, avoid the space becoming boring by adding depth and layers using a variety of textures and pops of color in your furnishings, pillows, artwork, and textiles. Accent walls, colored cabinetry, and interior painted doors are also great ways to play off a white wall for an added area of interest.

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