The Color of Love: Red Hues for Your Home

Adding red paint to your home can be a transformative experience. Whether you’re looking for bold and dramatic red walls or subtle accents, red adds energy, warmth, and life to any room. With the right red hue, you can create a dynamic space that feels truly unique.


When selecting red paint colors for your home, consider the size of the space and how much light it gets throughout the day. A dark color in a small room will feel overwhelming while a bright red might look garish in an overly large area. For example, medium reds like brick red and terra cotta are great options for smaller rooms with limited lighting; conversely, deep crimson is perfect for larger spaces with plenty of natural light.

Red Accent Walls

Another way to incorporate red into your home is through red accents. Accent walls are a great way to add red without overwhelming the space. Choose one main wall in the room, generally behind a sofa or bed, and paint it with a bold red hue. You can then use lighter reds for other accent pieces throughout the room, such as pillows, throws, artwork and furniture upholstery. As you experiment with red accents in your home, remember that less is usually more—too many red items can quickly create an overly busy look!

Testing Red Paint

When working with red paint colors, test out different options before committing to a final color choice. It’s important to take the time to find the perfect shade so you don’t have to redo the entire project! If you’re unsure about your selection, purchase a sample size of red paint and apply it to poster board or spare piece of drywall. Then, move the sample around the room to get an idea of how it will interact with your existing furniture and lighting.

Popular Red Paint Colors

Showstopper – Sherwin- Williams

Red has always been a showstopper shade, and this deep red with its orange undertone named Showstopper by Sherwin-Williams is no exception. It’s undeniably dramatic, bold, and eye catching. For the ultimate show-stopping interior, try pairing it with off-white for an expressive and more dashing look and feel.


Heritage Red – Benjamin Moore

Heritage Red by Benjamin Moore is a timeless and classic shade of red, perfect for livening up any space. This lively hue is sure to draw the eye, but its always-in-style feel means you won’t have to worry about it feeling outdated. Whether you pair it with neutral tones or vibrant colors, Heritage Red will not only bring energy and personality to your room, but also a sense of history and nostalgia that will last.


Sundried Tomato – Benjamin Moore

Sundried Tomato by Benjamin Moore paints a picture of richness and depth, infusing your environment with all the flair of a memorable Italian dinner. This fiery red hue captures the flavor of vine-ripened tomatoes and an aged bottle of chianti – filling any room with compilable warmth. Sundried Tomato creates an inviting space that transports its inhabitants to their favorite Tuscan eatery, setting off fixtures such as cabinets, moldings and even furniture in gloriously rich style.

Use Red Sparingly

Finally, don’t forget that red is a powerful color, so be sure to use it strategically in your home. With its range of hues and tones, red can bring warmth and charm to any space—it just takes some careful consideration before taking the plunge!


By taking the time to find the perfect red shade for your home, you can create a beautiful and inviting atmosphere that’s sure to make a lasting impression.


For more tips on how to use red paint colors in your home, consult with an experienced interior designer or color specialist, like Flowers Painting. We can help guide you toward selecting the right red hue and provide creative ideas on how to incorporate red into your decorating scheme. With their insights and expertise, you can confidently select red paint that will suit your style and transform any space.



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