The Best Way to Clean Painted Walls

Best Way to Clean Painted Walls | Flowers Painting

Cleaning your walls is probably not high on your cleaning priority list. In fact, it may not be on your cleaning list at all but even if you are the type to tackle the chore annually, walls are likely the most neglected portion of your house. This is admittedly ironic considering walls make up the largest surface area in a residence. Perhaps the sheer size is what makes the chore so daunting. It’s similar to window cleaning. You have to mentally prepare to tackle the enormity of it, but don’t let the size of the project daunt you. We have some tips and tricks and insights into the best ways to clean your walls.

Why It’s Important to Clean Your Walls

It’s important to clean your walls regularly because they like to collect grease, grime, bacteria, allergens, and even odors. If you have children, they are especially attractive to tiny, dirty hands that like to touch them and leave their mark. Fingerprints and scuff marks are probably the biggest contributors to dingy walls. There is an upside though, you don’t have to worry about dust on the walls since it’s a vertical surface so go ahead and scratch dusting from the list. Though if you are including baseboards in your wall cleaning regimen, you’ll have to add dusting back in as they do tend to collect dust very well, indeed. Sorry!

How to Clean Painted Walls

Walls do not require heavy duty cleaning, major elbow grease, or super strength cleaning products. In fact, if you have quality paint on the surface all they require is a nice light swipe with a microfiber cloth and a water based cleaner. Definitely avoid scrubbing painted surfaces so as not to ruin the paint finish. For stubborn marks and scuffs, you can gently scrub using a fine abrasive material like a Mr Clean Magic Eraser type sponge.

Here is a great how-to video that very cleverly suggests using a mop and a dry Swiffer to make quick work of cleaning your walls.

How Often Should You Clean Your Walls?

The short and sweet answer to the question of how often you should clean your walls is once a year at least. The longer answer is, it depends on how many people/pets inhabit your home, your health, and your lifestyle.

  • Homes with high activity, pets, small children, or people who battle allergies will probably need a good cleaning every three to four months to keep up with demand.
  • Homes with one to two adults and little activity are fine to do this once or twice a year.

Spot cleaning here and there should be an ongoing strategy when it comes to keeping your walls clean. If you keep up with spot cleaning and then annually or biannually cleaning the walls in your home, then it won’t be such a large task going forward. Another way to lessen the wall cleaning burden is to make it part of a monthly cleaning routine and do one room per month rather than do them all at once.

Do you have an upcoming painting project? Then, it is time to clean the walls. You want your painter to have a nice clean surface to work with.

Quality Paint Products Make Cleaning Easier

If walls still look dirty and scuffed up after a good clean, maybe it’s time to repaint your walls to return them to their original, spotless glory. Be sure to choose a high quality paint product. It will make the job of cleaning your walls in the future a much faster endeavor as well as resist stains and odors.

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