The Best Paint Colors for a Home Theater

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Every movie lover has dreamed of one day having their very own home theater. After all, what’s better than cozying up to watch a film in your pajamas? No traffic, no long lines, and no noisy movie-goers.

We’re so excited you’ve decided to create a movie theater space in your home. But before you can pick out what’s on the queue to watch first, we have to take it back a few steps to create the room of your dreams. We’re here to help you decide one of the most crucial first steps to designing your theater: the wall color.

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Getting Started

We know it seems simple, but the walls in your theater can make or break the entire look and feel that you’re going for. No need to fret about soundproofing either, regular drywall works just fine for the average home theater. If you’re concerned, consider sound absorption panels on the wall connected to a neighboring room.

As for the rest of your walls, it’s time to start brainstorming color ideas. Your home theater walls are the foundation to the rest of the room and can mean the difference between an average theater experience and an exceptional one.

Choosing The Paint Color

You’ve probably never stepped into a theater that had bright white walls— and there’s a good reason for that. Lighter colors reflect light from the screen, which can create a less-than-ideal viewing experience. That being said, darker shades are a safe bet when choosing paint colors for your home theater.

Not sure how to choose? We recommend taking a few moments to consider how you want your home theater to feel, and then choosing a corresponding color to fit those goals.

Luxurious: Deep wine reds paired with gold hardware accents will give you the indulgent theater you’re dreaming of.

Comfortable: Browns and deep beiges give the highly sought-after feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Bold: Dark greys and even black (yes, black) are perfect for a full immersion experience. Note that this can make the room appear smaller but is sure to make an impression.

Playful: Dark blues and navy hues give a favorable viewing vibe while remaining fun and modern.

Choosing The Paint Finish

Don’t forget about the finish when choosing your paint colors. Remember that walls and color are reflective, so avoid all gloss or satin finish paints. Instead, go with a matte or eggshell finish for the best, least-distracting experience. It makes a huge difference, we promise.

Don’t Forget the Details

Remember that the goal of your home theater room is to minimize outside light and reflections, so cover all windows and avoid glass or mirrors when decorating. Prioritize speaker needs and placements and plan accordingly when working on your walls.

As for the floor, we recommend wall-to-wall carpet. Not only is it cozy, but it also helps further absorb sound to create optimal viewing for those inside the room, and fewer distractions for those outside the room.

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