Spring is the Perfect Time for Interior Painting Projects

woman opening paint can | Flowers Painting

Painting the interior of your home can be a difficult decision, especially if you aren’t sure when exactly is the best time to paint. Deciding to paint your home during warmer weather that comes during the summer months can lead to a number of problems, while painting your home in frigid temperatures that come with winter can also be extremely problematic due to excess moisture found in the air. By painting your home during spring, there are a number of benefits that can add significant value to your home. In this blog post, we will explore the key reasons why you should consider painting your home this spring.

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Homes Sell Faster in the Spring

According to a recent study conducted by Zillow, “nationwide the best time to sell a home in 2019 to maximize return and minimize time on the market is May 1 to May 15. Homes sold in the first half of May sell six days faster and for $1,600 more than the average listing.” Not only do homes sell faster in the spring, but they also sell for a higher asking price, which puts a little more cash in your pocket. So, if you are thinking about painting the interior of your home, spring is the perfect time do so. A fresh coat of paint will go a long way to get your home show ready.

Temperatures are Mild in the Spring

Extreme weather conditions during the summer and winter in and around the Charlotte, NC area can cause paint jobs to go less than smoothly. Deciding to paint your home during the winter months could introduce moisture to your home’s paint that leaves a finished product that is prone to fading much quicker than it normally would. On the other hand, painting your home during the summer that brings extremely hot weather can cause your paint to dry improperly, leaving you with an uneven paint job. For these reasons, Flowers Painting suggests painting during milder weather to give your home’s paint the most in longevity.

Improved Ventilation in the Spring

Interior painting comes with fumes and odors, which is why ventilation is very important. During the spring months, it’s comfortable to keep your door and windows open for proper ventilation. Winter and summer are not the best times for painting, as leaving your doors and windows open for long periods of time will create extreme conditions for the painters, and your family.

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