Safety First – Be Certain your Local House Painter is Insured

Safety first | Flowers Painting

There are hundreds of local house painters in the Charlotte, NC area and it’s important to make sure you hire an insured painter. Selecting a house painting company to work with can be challenging. After all, how can you really tell the difference between them? And if an uninsured painting company offers a lower estimate, is it better to hire them?

Did you know that when you hire an uninsured contractor, including painting contractors, you are putting yourself at risk in ways that you may not realize? It’s important to consider those perils and see if an uninsured contractor is worth the lower cost. In this blog we will explore the possible dangers of hiring a contractor with no insurance.

Why is Hiring an Insured Painter Important?

A house painter that does not carry Workers Compensation and Liability insurance has a lower overhead cost, which can also translate into savings for the homeowner. It can be risky to hire a painting company that does not have licensing or insurance. Here’s how:

  • If the contractor does not finish the work to your satisfaction, you may not have legal footing to seek redress.
  • If a worker is injured on your property, you as the homeowner could end up being liable for those mishaps.
  • If the painter causes injury or damage to persons in your home, or to the home itself, you may be left unprotected.

A reputable painting company knows that a responsible homeowner completes his or her due diligence. Flowers Painting recommends a homeowner asks to see proof of insurance, and any painting company should be able to produce documentation relatively quickly.

If a prospective painting company is hesitant or offended in response to this simple request, Flowers Painting urges you to seek a different company! We also recommend checking a company’s online reviews before deciding to hire them. Reviews show how trustworthy a company is and exactly how happy or unhappy they leave their customers.

Flowers Painting has been serving the Charlotte metro area for over two years. We keep our insurance continually up to date, so that our clients are fully protected and assured of our reliability. We maintain a 5-Star rating on Google and HomeAdvisor. As a local house painter, Flowers Painting offers interior painting services, drywall services, cabinet refinishing and more. The next time you have a painting project in your home, call Flowers Painting for a no hassle, no pressure, FREE estimate (704) 445-7750.