Rooms Prioritization When Painting a Whole House

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Repainting an entire home room by room is a huge undertaking that takes planning, prioritization, and a bit of finesse so your daily life is disrupted as little as possible over the course of the project. When planning to paint a whole house, you will need to move furniture, cover furniture, protect floors, prep the walls for painting, and you’ll likely be without important rooms for a period of time. To make the process easier and less disruptive, follow these tips to prioritize rooms in your home for painting.

Paint with a Purpose

Why are you painting? Are you doing a home remodel, kitchen, or bathroom renovation? Are you preparing to put your house on the market or just making updates? Knowing your end goal before you paint will help you decide what room order to follow during the process. Knowing your end goal may also be helpful when determining what paint colors to choose, what type of supplies you’ll need, and how much paint you will need to purchase.

Determine Room Order

If you are painting your entire home, consider what rooms will make the most impact or which will require the most work and time. Consider what will impact your daily living the most with that room out of commission and start there or wait to do that area last and work on less used spaces first. Determining an order can help the process seem less daunting and keep you to a schedule.


Painting your master bedroom first is a good place to start when painting a whole home. If you have guest bedrooms, you can sleep in there until the job is done, or even spend a night or two camped out in the living room if needed. Getting the master out of the way allows you to resume normalcy quickly with a place to sleep and access to bathroom facilities while you tackle the other rooms of the house. Once you have a beautiful new space to wake up in every day, it will add to the motivation to complete the rest of the renovations. 


If you’re tackling a whole house painting project room by room, the kitchen is a great first or second room to start with, especially if your renovations include new appliances or new cabinet installation or painting the kitchen cabinets for a fresh look. Starting with the kitchen is a good idea because if the kitchen is inoperable, regular life can get put on hold until the project is completed. There may be added expenditures on dining out or take out.

Living Area

For many, the living room or general living spaces often take up a decent amount of time and require a fair amount of effort. Whether you’re painting yourself or hiring professional painters, living rooms, dens, and living spaces tend to be larger rooms with a lot of furniture and things that will need to be moved, covered, and protected. It is one of the most commonly used areas of the home, and the space that is used for company and entertaining so attention to detail and clean work is imperative. Clearing the space of furniture and other items into other rooms to make room for painting can also be disruptive to everyday life. Typically, tackling the living areas at the end of painting your whole house is a good plan of action.

Laundry Room, Home Gyms, Refinished Basements

Rooms like the laundry room, home gyms, playrooms, basement recreational spaces are good to save for last. These are less commonly used rooms, are lower priority, and tend to be smaller with fewer things to move and protect and will be able to be done quickly, causing less disruption to daily routines than larger, more common rooms. 

Paint Like a Pro

For the avid DIY painter, there are still many tips and tricks to consider when tackling a whole home painting project. Make sure you’re prepared with tips from professional painters to make your projects timely, efficient, cost-effective, and low-stress. Of course, there is also the option of leaving the job to trusted professionals like the experts at Flowers Painting. Contact us today for a consultation and estimate of professional painting services for your entire home.


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