Redfin Article – How to Give Your Home a Makeover Using Only Paint

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As a professional painting company, we see a lot of homeowners make the same mistakes. One of the biggest is selecting the wrong paint sheen. Sheen simply refers to how glossy the paint is, and this is an important factor for interior painting projects. The glossier the paint, the shiner it is, and the easier it will reflect the light. Flowers Painting only recommends a high gloss sheen for kitchens, windows, and doors. Semi-gloss is very versatile and should be used for kitchens or bathrooms. Satin sheen is by far the most popular choice and is suitable for family rooms, kid’s rooms, and foyers. Eggshell sheen should only be used in rooms that rarely need to be cleaned such as the dining room and living room. Flat or matte sheen is good for more private areas such as adult bedrooms. – Flowers Painting