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Pastel paint colors are a gateway to so many different styles that you may be surprised by their versatility when decorating a room. Pastel colors are foundational in a diverse range of design styles. Coastal, romantic, sophisticated, retro, boho, romantic, whimsical, zen, and cottage decor draw their inspiration from a pastel palette.

What’s more, pastels have the ability to function as a neutral shade while offering a little more visual interest than traditional whites, beiges, or grays. If you are ready to incorporate pastel colors into your home, read on for some inspiration and ideas on how to do it with confidence and style.

How to Use Pastel Paint Colors in Your Home

Using pastel paint on your interior walls can be done in a variety of fun and beautiful ways. When discussing pastel colors, we are talking about lighter shades of primary and secondary colors achieved by adding white to lighten them. Think of hues like mint, baby blue, melon, lilac, millennial pink, peach, periwinkle, and butter.

Layer Similar Shades and Other Pastels

Layering shades from the same pastel color family is an easy way to decorate with pastels and a sure-fire way to know everything matches. Adding in other pastel colors creates interest and depth, and as an added bonus, pretty much every pastel color goes together, so you don’t have to worry about color clash wars. Understanding color theory concepts can further help you visualize complementary colors, harmony, and undertones.

Use as an Accent Color

We’re big fans of accent walls. It’s the perfect way to add a pop of color to a room and create a focal point. Using a pastel paint color as a accent wall can either compliment a darker shade or contrast with a lighter paint color on adjacent walls.

On the Ceiling

A unique way to bring pastel into your room is to paint the ceiling with it. Picture a bright sun porch with a light robin’s egg blue. Or a dusty rose. Usually, this is paired with white walls so as not to overwhelm the entire space. However, some courageous souls paint the ceilings and walls all the same color and it creates a visually stunning effect. This is especially a great strategy for rooms that have angled, tray, or vaulted ceilings.

Pastel Paint Pallets

Pastels can bring a sense of calm and Zen to your home or provide a fresh, bright feel. It all depends on the color and shade you choose and the style you want to achieve. Before you settle on a final color, be sure to get a few paint samples to help aid your decision.

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