Paint it Pink! Stylish Shades of Pink Interior Paint is a Trend That’s Here to Stay

Sherwin Williams Millenial Pink | Flowers Painting

Photo Credit: Sherwin Williams

Pink walls have proven to have obvious staying power and their popularity is only continuing to grow with designers and DIY enthusiasts preoccupied by the powers of pink.

The playful hue is popping up everywhere from bedrooms and nurseries to dining rooms, bathrooms, and so much more. With an array of shades to choose from, ranging from the popular millennial pink and subtle near neutrals, to bold magenta, pink paint trends are a force to be reckoned with and remain a popular interior design trend of 2021.

How Pink Paint Trends Rose to Power

Color psychology suggests that different colors can have an impact on our moods, feelings, and even behaviors. The color pink is thought to be a calming color associated with love, kindness, and femininity. Some shades of pale pink are described as relaxing, while very bright, vibrant shades can be stimulating or even aggravating. Many people immediately associate the color with all things feminine and girly, but pink is no longer just for the girls.

How did pink infiltrate its way into being one of the hottest, long-lasting interior paint and design trends that continues to evolve? It all started with Pantone Rose Quartz 2016 color of the Year. This sugary pastel pink evolved into the popular millennial pink, a vivid blush tone that represents the strength and modernity of its namesake generation. For many, color associations are tied to a memory or experience. Shades of pink symbolize feelings of joy, love, creativity, innocence, vibrancy, and even euphoria. With such powerful emotional impact and versatility, it is the perfect option for interior wall paint. Pink walls can work as a neutral or as a bold statement accent, it all comes down to the shade you choose and how you match furnishings and decor with it.

Choose Your Perfect Shade of Pink Interior Paint

Choosing the right hues to decorate your home is not easy, color can help differentiate an environment and create the mood. From pleasant and relaxing to vibrant and invigorating, pinks are incredibly versatile, with so many varied shades of pink paint, creating your perfect space is simple whether you’re looking for sweet and romantic or striking and bold.

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right shade of pink interior paint for your home.

  • Lighting
  • Size
  • Functionality

Decorating with Pink Walls

Decorating with pink walls is all about selecting the right hue. Once you’ve decided on the right shade, there is no need to feel nervous about committing to a pink room. Think of pink as a neutral. Compliment warm pink hues with light whitened wood, luxe whites and griege tones, soft fabrics, and textures create a cozy environment. Pair pink with luxe materials such as marble, brass accents, metallics, and velvet.

The key to avoiding a room looking too feminine is to stay clear of overly feminine cliches such as floral patterns, ruffles, polka dots, or stripes. Stick to clean lines and add layers of masculine accessories such as industrial furnishings, black accents, wood, and leather.

Use brighter, bold shades of pink in spaces such as a foyer, an office, or a bedroom to make a statement with interesting and creative decor.

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