Paint Colors

Choosing The Best Colors

Choose the Perfect Paint Colors with Sherwin Williams

Digitally Paint Your Own Room with the Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap® Visualizer

Selecting the perfect paint color can be a daunting task. The ColorSnap® Visualizer by Sherwin-Williams can help.

This new tool is simple to use and helps you pick the perfect paint color for your space. Just snap a picture of your room or use a sample room and choose your paint color. The visualizer lets you test various colors of paints in your own space.

Sherwin-Williams Peel & Stick Color Samples

Save time and find the perfect paint color for your walls with Sherwin-Williams peel and stick color samples. These handy paint swatches come in different sizes, stick right to your wall, and are easy to remove.

Paint Colors You Will Love

Set the Tone With Paint

Turn your living space from drab to fab with a little color. Take full advantage of the PPG Paint palette and talk to your paint estimator who is also an expert in paint color schemes. You can change the feel of any room in your house with a little planning and some color, varying the shade for a certain look or feel. Below are a few colors Flowers Painting recommends for certain looks and feels:


Select a variety of shades of blue for subtle color that tends to be soothing. This looks best in a bathroom or bedroom and portrays the feeling of calmness.


Light color choices such as blues, lavenders, pinks and soft yellows are terrific choices for a romantic feeling of tranquility. If you are looking for a calm ambience in your bedroom, select lighter shades of either cool or warm colors.


More neutral colors provide elegance and flexibility within a room. Neutral colors don’t mean simply white or beige. Color can be added in the trim and the accessories of the room. Varying shades of rust, mahogany or garnet will offer instant elegance and a feeling of earthiness and richness.


Select vibrant colors such as orange, gold, red, and dark purple, if you want a room with pizzazz.

Getting Your Home Ready to Sell?

If you are in the process of selling your house, Flowers Painting recommends selecting a white or off-white color as the choice for walls. This will allow the buyer to easily cover the wall with their choice of color and will give your rooms a brighter and clean appearance.

Flowers Painting Warranty

We offer a limited one year warranty.