New Home? The Best Interior Color Choices for a Fresh Start

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So Many Interior Color Choices!

After you have unpacked the final moving box all you can think about is relaxing in your new home. But before you can get settled into your new space there’s still a few tasks to tackle. You’re going to want to make your new home your own by updating the paint. After living in the home a few days, it’s easier to think about your interior color choices and what colors to paint. While you may be hesitant to select the perfect color, this blog post should help. After all, it’s natural to be nervous about selecting the perfect color for your space. There’s a lot of time, money and effort that goes into repainting the interior of a home. In this article Flowers Painting will explore five interior color options to change your mood and give yourself a fresh start.

Charcoal Gray

If you are looking for something dramatic, charcoal gray is a great option. While many dark colors can make a room look and feel smaller, charcoal gray helps create a more intimate space. This color adds beautiful drama to a room, and makes the walls seem to disappear. Charcoal gray adds just the right amount of warmth and since it’s a neutral color, it looks amazing with just about any other color.

Light Gray
Light gray is a terrific choice to showcase your homes many features, as it’s a cool, airy color. Light gray is a great alternative to taupe or beige and adds a modern flair to any room. The colors cool tones contribute to creating a calming and soothing environment that can also make the room look bright and open. This is a very versatile color that adds instant drama to your walls. Accent colors that look great with light gray are charcoal gray and black or white.

Don’t be afraid to go all white. Simply choose accents with cool undertones. Flowers Painting suggests steering clear of bright paper white, as this can tend to feel to clinical for a house. Instead, we suggest using soft cream shades of white. White is known for its natural beauty and purity, which makes a great choice for a simple, minimalist look. You simply need to add some colorful accents with your white walls to give your home a modern and dramatic look. Since white matches absolutely everything, the selection of accent pieces should be simple.

Red interior paint brings drama to your home. It’s a rich and deep paint and when paired with white, it pops and looks ultra-modern. If you are looking to bring energy to your space, red is definitely the color for you. While it’s a bold choice, Flowers Painting is sure you’ll fall in love with the look.

Warm Yellow
A warm yellow paint creates a soothing environment and is not to overpowering. While the color stands out on its own it doesn’t dominate the surroundings. Warm yellow pairs well with many other colors such as teal, magenta, bright yellow and burnt orange.

When you move into your new home, a new coat of paint is a terrific way to bring elements of your personality into your new living space. Flowers Painting recommends painting your home early on, as it gives you a chance to make it your own and make certain it really feels like home. Painting the interior of your home with colors you enjoy is an important step and requires planning. New interior colors will give you a fresh start and make you fall even more in love with your new home. If you are looking for a professional painter to paint your new space, call Flowers Painting today to schedule a free in-home estimate (704) 727-2161. If you are looking for additional inspiration, be sure to check out our other blog posts.