Make a Splash with Trending Summer Paint Colors for 2022

Splash with Trending Summer Paint Colors for 2022 | Flowers Painting

With summer 2022 just around the corner, you might be considering some home improvement projects to take on while the weather is nice, the kids are off school, and well, really what else is summer for?

You might be planning a complete demolition or maybe looking for something much more scaled back such as new hardware on your cabinets, or updated flooring, a new rug, or a fresh coat of paint. And honestly, we already know what an impact a fresh coat, or new shade of paint can make.

So what’s trending for summer 2022?

Before we dive into the trending shades for the summer, let’s talk about one thing we all collectively agree on: the color that is OUT! The answer is grey, grey, GREY! We have really had enough of the grey movement and are ready to move on to bigger and better hues. Bringing more COLOR into your space to inspire creativity.

2022 Color Collection of the Year

Always a good place to start. Sherwin-Williams released the 2022 Color Collection of the year, and it is a great place to start when choosing a new paint color for your summer project. This year’s collection sets the tone with a mood that encourages beauty and functional simplicity. Light airy blues, clean neutral beige and off-whites, dusty mauves, earthy moss toned greens and  sleek black all build this simple, sophisticated, and calming palette. The swatches in this collection have a natural calm but also provide bright, energetic feelings.

I’ve Got a Feeling…

The colors we surround ourselves with have the power to influence our mood and emotions, which is why choosing the right color for your living space is so important. After the last few years, color enthusiasts and experts agree 2022 is the year of new beginnings and shades that liven up your home are going to be the go-to this summer.

Choose hues that inspire creativity, and embody the feelings of rejuvenation. Continuing the trend of earthy, positively charged tones are here to stay. Bringing the outdoors inside and giving the feelings of renewal, springtime, life–we’re talking greens, earth tones, rich hues, bright yellows and golds all stand to make a bold impact while giving a sense of comfort, calm, and sophistication.

Trending Tones in 2022

Here is a list of six top trending summer paint colors:

  1. Gray-Green

While gray is out, the subtle green undertones are in. Leading paint manufacturers including PPG, Benjamin Moore, and Sherwin-Williams agree; gray-green is in for the summer. This sophisticated hue offers balance and harmony. It is subtle enough to be incredibly versatile, while also being lively enough to be a pop of color for accents such as cabinets, a focal wall, inside doors, and more.

These soft green shades are subtle, but with enough vibrancy to give life to a space and complement surrounding greenery.

  1. Earth Tones

Organic hues are still leading the charge in paint trends. From deep leafy greens to sage and earthy browns and tans you can count on these earthy tones to evoke the calming spirit of the outdoors. These hues are easy to accentuate with deeper colors and fabrics and organic elements. They are the perfect solution for creating a relaxing space.

  1. Citron

Sunny yellow shades are making a name for themselves on the design scene. Yellow paint is no longer outdated or old-fashioned but rather a great way to add vibrancy and warmth to your home. Buttery citron tones are energizing shades reminiscent of sunflowers, sunshine, and flower petals.

Golden walls add energy and a youthful glow to your rooms. Whether you’re looking to brighten up your kitchen, give bedrooms a kick of energy, or create a sunny entryway, citron shades are here to stay.

  1. Aubergine

At the complete opposite end of the spectrum, we have deep aubergine. A way to creatively work black into your design without using traditional black, aubergine is the sleek sophisticated hue you’re looking for. This rich eggplant shade is not just for that summer garden, use it on your walls to give a fresh, sensuous look.

When blended with neutral furnishings and textiles, this deep hue is the bold yet classic look we’ve been waiting for.

  1. Chartreuse

You’ll have guests green with envy with shades of chartreuse. Always the star of any show, this electrifying, vibrant, joyful shade of paint certainly is not for the faint of heart or the beige fans. Although it does pair nicely with crisp, clean whites and eggshell tones. The green-yellow shade is everything you never knew you needed. It works surprisingly well in many applications and complements a variety of aesthetics. Pair with soft neutrals or make a statement with punchy florals, stripes, or bold colors such as emerald, marigold, or sapphire.

However you use chartreuse, know that it will be the showstopper you’d hope it would be.

  1. Warm Neutrals

Last but not least, the classic look of warm neutrals is still the front runner among paint color choices. And these neutral tones are no different this summer. Reminiscent of a white sandy beach, or crisp summer linens these shades are having their moment as well.

Warm neutrals not only bring warmth and comfort to your space, but they are also incredibly versatile. A neutral palette immediately creates a soft, cozy, comforting space. Not only this, but these neutral hues work well with so many decor elements from coastal inspired, to farm-house, to classic, or even modern designs.

Honorable mentions include oranges, ocean-inspired palettes, and the power of pinks.

The 2022 Takeaway

In short, in 2022, we don’t have to be afraid of color. The formerly popular grey is a thing of the past, in favor of more vibrant tones and more COLOR. The colors that will trend in 2022 are noted to create calm and serenity – or evoke creativity and optimism. Whether you take your inspiration from the Sherwin-Williams color of the year collection or Pantone color choices for 2022 (purples and blues), the overall idea is to evoke energy of all kinds whether it be calming or exciting, vivid, or vibrant.

Before you embark on your painting journey, make sure to consider all the factors that are important when choosing the best paint color for your application. Consider complementary colors, lighting, the size of your space, and overall design aesthetic.

If you’re in doubt, consult the experts at Flowers Painting for a consultation and in-home estimate.

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