Liven Up Any Room with an Accent Wall

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A Single Burst of Color Transforms Any Room

One way to transform any room in your home from drab to fab is to add a touch of color with an accent wall. Rooms that are painted the same color throughout don’t have nearly the same impact of a room that has a painted accent wall. But for an accent wall to work well and accent a room rather than stand out like a sore thumb, there are a few guidelines to stick by. Keep reading and we’ll discuss those rules here. An accent wall is strikingly different than the other walls in the room. It is typically a much bolder, richer color, which is why an accent wall achieves such a daring effect.

Accent Wall Guidelines

  • They are typically solid and have no doors or windows. However, exceptions to this guideline include having an accent wall serve as a frame around French doors or a window that overlooks an amazing view.
  • An accent wall should frame something such as a fireplace or a bookshelf. Other focal points could be a bed’s headboard, an architectural feature on the wall, artwork, or a piece of furniture that you want to spotlight.
  • If there is no natural focal point in the room, you can use the accent wall to create one. Whether it’s a live plant, a framed photo collection, or a painting, the accent wall can make it stand out even more effectively than lighting.
  • The adjacent wall should not create competition for the accent wall. For instance, if the adjacent wall has patterned wallpaper or an oversized mirror, there’s a good chance that the accent wall will only create imbalance in the room, which is unappealing and confusing.
  • If you have an oblong room, painting the farthest short wall with an accent shade will cause the wall to appear closer to you, thereby lending visual correction to the room’s shape. On the flip side, you will only emphasize the rooms shape if you crate an accent effect on the longest wall.

Selecting a Paint Color

  • Flowers Painting color consultants always recommend painting an accent wall a much deeper shade than the other walls in a room. You want an accent wall to really pop and make a dramatic statement in a room.
  • A reliable formula that works well is to paint the accent wall the same color scheme as the other walls but go three shades darker.
  • If you’re undecided about a color for the accent wall, look around the room at the décor and select a dominant color.
  • When selecting the color, keep in mind that a contrast is needed so that other objects or wall decorations don’t blend in with the accent color and disappear. The whole point is to make a dramatic statement with a pop of color.
  • Flowers Painting always recommends using bright shades in a child’s room.

While there are other ways to create an accent wall such as wallpaper and stenciling, painting is the quickest and least expensive. You can liven any room with a single burst of color. If you are looking for color inspiration or are interested in hiring a professional painter to paint an accent wall in your home or business, please call Flowers Painting to schedule your FREE estimate (704) 727-2161. Browse our full list of services online.