How to Paint Rooms with High Walls

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High ceilings are impressive. They make a space look airy and open and give a sense of grandeur to a room. Painting the walls in a room with extra high ceilings, however, takes some planning and is a big undertaking. There will be ladders, possibly scaffolding, and a lot of paint. It’s intimidating even to the handiest homeowners.

What is Considered High?

First, let’s define exactly what high walls are. In most modern homes, the walls are nine feet, while eight-foot ceilings used to be the norm and are still not uncommon. Anything over nine feet tall is considered a high wall. Usually, high ceilings measure 12 to 14 feet high. The highest walls are often found in an entryway.

Tips for Painting High Walls

The laborious task of painting a room with extra high ceilings is like most projects. It’s all about the tools. A step stool or standard ladder is not going to cut it in a room with 12-foot or higher ceilings. While a simple extension pole, you can get some of the rolling done and a lot of the surface area covered, but it’s not conducive to detailed trim work.

For cutting in – painting the corners and edges unreachable with a roller – it’s impossible to do without some sort of height augmentation like a ladder or scaffolding. If you are extra ambitious and coordinated and want to invest in some drywall stilts, they latch to your feet and give you the extra height you need to reach the ceiling. Most civilians opt for an extra ladder. Though most homeowners do not have a 16-foot ladder on hand. Scaffolding, as mentioned, is also an option. Two ladders and a couple of two-by-four boards give you an elevated surface to paint from while you are tackling those high ceilings.

Don’t forget the drop cloths. When painting up high, paint tends to splatter and drip more. You’ll want to make sure you cover the floors and furniture with plenty of drop cloths to protect them.

Best Paint Colors for High Walls

The best paint colors for rooms with high walls are light colors that will reflect light back into the room, like white, cream, or a very pale gray. Why? Because darker colors will make the room feel dwarfed and can be overwhelming. If you want to bring in a darker color, you can do it a couple of ways. First, you could paint the lower portion of the wall your preferred color and the top portion a neutral white or cream color that matches the ceiling. Or, you could choose one wall to be an accent wall to keep the dark color from overpowering the room.

The Easiest Way to Paint Very High Walls

What is the easiest way to paint high walls in your home? Hire a Flowers Painting prof of course! Professional painters have all the tools and the skills to easily handle your rooms with high walls.

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