All You Need to Know About Low VOC Paint

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You may have heard the term “low VOC or “zero VOC” paint. VOC is an abbreviation of the phrase volatile organic compound. What exactly are volatile organic compounds? We are so glad you asked.

VOC’s are chemicals released by some paints into the air. They can cause symptoms like dizziness and headaches. Think of the smell of newly painted walls, and that is the smell of gases contained in the paint being released into the atmosphere. It’s not great for you to breathe in, nor for the environment.  That’s why paint manufacturers developed eco-friendly paints with lowered or no levels of VOCs.

Zero VOC paint contains, as the name suggests, no or near-zero levels of volatile organic compounds. Low VOC paint simply has lower levels in it than a paint brand’s normal line of interior paints.

Pros and Cons of Low and Zero VOC Paint

  • Low VOC and zero VOC paints have little to no paint smell, making it a nice option if you are painting an interior space where people, pets, or children are living. It’s not so important if you are painting an empty residence.
  • Available paint colors of these paints may be more limited than regular paints, which you can get in every conceivable color like this year’s trending color palettes.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not regulate VOC levels in household products. Therefore, there is no industry standard for what is labeled low VOC or zero VOC. Do careful research about products before you purchase these types of paint.
  • These paints tend to be more expensive than traditional paints.
  • Be aware, too, that some brands add alternative chemicals that may be harsher than VOCs to replace the reduced volatile organic compounds, making it important you research all of a paint’s ingredients before you buy.

When to Use Low/No VOC Paint

If inside air quality is a concern in your home, choosing a low VOC or no VOC paint is a good choice. It reduces the number of pollutants put into your home’s air, long after it has been freshly painted. If you have children or people with asthma or other respiratory issues, it’s a good idea to consider investing in a paint that has fewer toxic chemicals like VOCs in it.

How to Choose an Eco-Friendly Low VOC paint

Due to the wide array of different low and no VOC paint lines, the best course of action is to discuss whether eco-friendly paints are a viable option for your next painting project with a painting professional. Schedule a free in-home painting estimate with a Flowers Painting professional today by calling (704) 445-7750. Our knowledgeable estimate technicians will be able to recommend the best paint that provides good coverage, a nice finish, in the colors you want.

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