5 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Professional Painting Services

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The decision to hire professional painting services in the Charlotte or Winston-Salem area to update your home means investing in an excellent, high-quality paint job that saves you the headache of trying to tackle the job yourself. The benefits of hiring the pros range from simply leaving the hard work to someone else, to a satisfaction guaranteed end result; and in many cases, leaving it to the experts can be cheaper in the long run, with long lasting quality.

Whether you’re updating the whole house interior, just a room or two, there are some things that will make the job much easier and less time consuming if you do the prep ahead of time. Here is a list of five total home painting prep tips to consider before the paint crew arrives:

Interior Home Painting Prep

Preparing your home a few days before the scheduled paint crew arrives ensures that you will have a positive experience throughout the entire process and with the proper preparation, can save both time and money on the entire job—and your painting contractor will thank you. You can always consult your painting contractor ahead of time for any specifics they may require, but here is a good list of things to start with to make any painting job go more smoothly.

  1. Move and Cover All Furniture- If possible, remove small hard furnishings such as lamps or coffee tables from the area. Flowers Painting will move and replace all large items such as dressers, couches, beds and more.
  2. Remove Wall Hangings, Artwork, and Window Treatments- Carefully remove all picture frames, mirrors, decorative clocks, wall hangings, and window treatments and store them appropriately. Relocating these items to another room is best, so they are not in the way of the painters or susceptible to rogue paint or damage.
  3. Store all Knick Knacks and Ornaments- While covering these items is always an option, they are best protected by being removed from the workspace and stored in another room temporarily. This will protect precious items from any damage.
  4. Prep and Clean Walls and Surrounding Areas- Generally speaking, a light wash with soapy water to prepare the walls is sufficient for wall preparation, however some professional painting services may require additional prep such as primer or taping. Leave this portion of the prep to the professionals.
  5. Vacate the Area- Depending on the scope of the job, you may have a pretty large painting crew for a few days, or at least a few hours. Vacating the area is the best idea, especially if you have pets or small children. Not only will you ensure you and your family are out of the way, but that you’re safe from potential hazards and fumes.

Benefits of Getting Your Home Painter-Ready

With the proper preparation, the professional painters can start the job immediately upon arrival with very little downtime or obstacle to disrupt the flow of their work. Removing personal belongings and protecting furniture, appliances, and decor mitigates the risk of damage during the process and protects your items from debris and flying paint. Making sure that you are prepared and ready for professional painting services ensures your experience will go smoothly and that you will get the full benefits of hiring a team of experts.

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