4 Ways to Prioritize Rooms for Painting – Which Rooms to Paint First

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While painting more than one room in your home can be fun and exciting, it can certainly cause some headaches trying to prioritize rooms for painting. Moving furniture and cleaning out rooms is time-consuming and physically taxing, so planning ahead will really help you be more efficient.

Getting a fresh coat of paint, whether you are touching up an existing color, or going with a brand new color scheme, is a cost effective way to spruce up your interior. Before your professional painter arrives, think through your painting project and make a plan or ask your painter for advice. Or, use the list we have curated to help you prioritize rooms for painting so that you can paint your home in the most effective order.

Paint Bedrooms First

We highly suggest painting bedrooms first for a few reasons. The biggest reason to tackle bedrooms first is so that at the end of the day, you have a place to retreat from the painting project in the rest of the house and a place to sleep. Bedrooms also tend to have a lot of heavy furniture like beds and dressers that need to be moved in order to paint the walls. Get the heaviest lifting out of the way at the beginning.

If you want to get even more specific, we suggest you do the master bedroom before the other bedrooms in your house. Your bedroom is usually the most inconvenient space to turn over to a painter or contractor, so getting that out of the way first will make the rest less disruptive. Plus, you will also be able to close your door and shut off your room from the paint smells.

Next Paint the Kitchen and Bathrooms

It’s best to paint the kitchen early on in your painting project. For some of the same reasons we suggest that the bedrooms be at the top of the list, we encourage customers to tackle the kitchen at the beginning since it causes a major disruption to the household when the kitchen is inaccessible. Trying to cook or clean your kitchen around drop cloths, ladders, and painting tools is not advisable. The same goes for the bathrooms. Especially, if you have a large family. Sacrificing a bathroom for a painting project, even for a short amount of time, takes some strategizing. Get your painter to knock out the kitchen and bathrooms quickly so you can minimize the time you need to make alternative plans for feeding yourself or your family.

Paint Living Room or Dining Room Third

The living room tends to be one of the largest rooms in the home and will likely take the longest to paint, but it’s the easiest to live without compared to the kitchen or bedrooms. The dining room is another room to move lower down on your priority list. Likely, you can find another space to watch tv or eat meals in. Once completed, you can move your furniture back and living and dining right away.

Paint the Laundry Room and Mud Room Last

The last rooms on the priority list are the laundry room and mud room. Ironically, these are probably the rooms that get a lot of foot traffic and beat up walls but they should be the last to paint. If the laundry room is on your list of rooms to paint, we recommend washing your clothes before the start of the painting project and not doing a load of laundry until after the project is complete.

Prioritize Rooms to Paint

In the end, painting your interior walls will make your living space feel more like home and help reflect your personal style, but during the process, it can be frustrating to have a messy home. If you are about to endure a painting project, don’t panic! Make the process a little easier by prioritizing which rooms in your home should be painted first.

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