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2022 is upon us, and it brings some exciting and vibrant paint trends with it. At Flowers Painting we are celebrating another new year and ready to tackle painting interior walls with fresh new hues from the top paint lines and color trendsetters. The biggest names in interior painting have selected their color or colors of the year, all of which promise a mood of good vibes and cheer.

Pantone- Very Peri

Pantone has created, for the first time ever, a brand new hue to take the spotlight as color of the year. This color has vivacious blue and violet overtones, with an equally exciting red undertone. Very Peri certainly is energetic and will bring to life any space it occupies.

This color is best paired with creamy neutrals, or with a deep navy blue or brown.

Sherwin-Williams- Evergreen Fog

If the electrifying Very Peri isn’t your style, Sherwin-Williams color of the year is a gentle gray-green hue, yet it will define a space without being overly bold.  This continues to pull the outdoors into the home, which has been Sherwin-William’ motif with color trends for the last couple of years. Evergreen Fog is meant to promote feelings of new beginnings, growth, and revitalization.

This shade pairs beautifully with classic white and is very versatile when paired with different design styles.

Behr- Breezeway

This shade is a soft silvery-blue green, with cool undertones, and brings to mind the image of sea glass. The idea behind this shade is to offer a sense of tranquility, healing, and restoration, but it’s also crisp and bright enough to energize a room.

Pair Breezway with jet black and white for an eye catching, sharp contrast. While this shade speaks to coastal elegance, it will also pair wonderfully with vintage and contemporary design styles.

Benjamin Moore-October Mist

This silvery-green botanical shade draws its inspiration from the stem of a flower, and as always, the energy found in nature has a soothing and calming effect. This shade will do well in spaces such as bedrooms and home offices because it’s call to calmness will free the mind for dreams and creativity to blossom.

The neutrality of this shade also allows for personality and individuality to flourish. Because it has a neutral tone, October Mist will fall into harmony with just about any color you chose but is a great alternative to white and gray.

Velspar-Colors of the Year

Velspar couldn’t decide on just one color the year, so it created a palette of 12 colors to all share the spotlight in 2022. The palette consists of warm neutrals, dusty pastels, and soothing greens and blues, all inspired by, yes, you guessed it, nature. All Valspar’s shades were selected to power moods of peacefulness and optimism, and with names like Subtle Peach, Delighted Moon, and Mountain River, it certainly seems possible.

Having a palette of colors that stand side by side harmoniously allows for homeowners to have options to create the mood they want in their homes. Click here to see more of Velspar’s Colors of the Year.

Whichever color or palette of the year you find yourself most drawn to, all of them are meant to bring feelings of health, optimism, and serenity. Let’s hope these things truly define 2022. And what better way to manifest good energy than splashing some new colors around the spaces we live in.

Our experts at Flowers Painting would love to help you with all your painting needs this year and create some good energy in your home. Give us a call today!

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